Energy Recovery and Savings.

Energy Recovery Solutions ERS is a sister company to Anchor and is based in the South of England. ERS specialises in energy recovery from industrial compressors, providing a complete turnkey solution to businesses, from design, through installation and ongoing maintenance support.

We enable our clients to recover lost and wasted energy, reduce their carbon footprint whilst generating significant savings in energy expenditure.

The way air compressors operate, whilst essential to large parts of industry, means that they are one of the most inefficient ways of expending energy. They convert almost 100% of the electricity used into heat, which in most cases dissipates into the atmosphere and is wasted.

What we do is harness this energy, through recovering the heat and reusing it within the buildings heating, hot water or manufacturing processes.

Case studies

Anchor installed a new energy efficient lighting system in Winchester Science Centre and Planetarium

April 3, 2018,

Winchester Science Centre and Planetarium

Anchor have been providing maintenance services to the centre since 2015. As well …….



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Compressed Air

Design, installation, maintenance and repair of reliable and efficient systems.

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