Compressed Air.

Our compressed air division covers the whole range of services required to design, install and maintain your compressed air system to the highest standard. We operate in the South of England across a broad range of industries including engineering, manufacturing, food processing and defence.

We only use the most efficient compressors in association with the appropriate dryers and filters to provide you with the quality of air that is suitable for your operation. We use the latest aluminium pipework to provide an energy efficient, non-corroding system that will last for many years, and if and when you wish to modify or extend your pipework distribution system, it is very easy to make changes which reduce loss of production time.

Of course there are a small number of occasions when aluminium pipework is unsuitable, such as in areas where heavy plant operates. In this case, we can offer traditional galvanised pipe work which is more robust and much less susceptible to damage.
The importance of providing our clients with the most efficient ways to use their energy is at the top of our agenda. As well as using energy efficient plant, we offer leak detection surveys and the appropriate remedial repairs to ensure your system is operating without unnecessary waste.

Energy recovery from your compressor is another area where we can reduce your carbon footprint. From low spec heat recovery ducting to a top of the range system utilising the latest heat exchanger

technology which can supply you with free hot water and / or space heating, we survey, design, install and maintain your equipment.

If you have any compressed air requirements, we will provide you with a service that is second to none, from the smallest job to large turnkey projects.


Whatever your needs, you can rely on Anchor to carry out any mechanical works.

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Electrical works delivered by experienced electrical engineers.

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Energy Recovery and Savings

We enable our clients to recover lost and wasted energy, reduce their carbon footprint whilst generating significant savings in energy expenditure.

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